Jessamy Perkins

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Jessamy Perkins

Senior Security Consultant

Jessamy is a strategically-oriented leader and security risk management expert, providing specialist services in security and risk management, governance, compliance, strategic and operational planning, and due diligence to clients.

Jessamy has served as a specialist security risk management adviser for the Department of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Trade, AusAID, and CSIRO. She utilises her expertise to undertake comprehensive threat and risk assessments and provide related advice to the Commonwealth. Jessamy has previously managed:

  • Security risk management for Commonwealth Government agencies.
  • High security environments and operations.
  • Key international, national, state and critical infrastructure sites.
  • Security analysis, assessments, accreditation and certification.
  • Security of advanced scientific and technological products and facilities.
  • Security risk management for international business and engagements.
  • Physical, personnel, information and cyber security management strategies.
  • Incident management, investigations, awareness and training.
  • Policy, governance, risk management and compliance.

Jessamy has a B.A. in Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, with qualifications and specialist training in security, risk management, work health and safety, investigations, project management, and fraud control. She is currently studying her Masters in International Security Studies, examining the complex factors that drive contemporary security and societal stability challenges.