Business Resilience


1. Program Governance
Development of business resilience strategies & internal policies & risk management frameworks to give program authority & direction.
2. Risk Management
Identification of intolerable hazards, threats and risks, followed by implementation of mitigating measures.
3. Plans & Procedures
Development of resilience strategies, frameworks, plans & procedures to underpin program arrangements.
4. Program Assurance
Training & Exercising to ensure understanding of individual roles & efficiency in responding to incidents.
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8. Restore Systems
Restoration of systems and operations to pre-event levels of capability or, ideally, better.
7. Assistance & Support
Support to employees & communities affected by events, inclusive of welfare information & other needs.
6. Crisis, Continuity & Comms
Crisis management, business contingency planning & communications to control & shape internal response & media coverage.
5. Emergency Management
Initial emergency response activities to preserve safety-of-life & minimise immediate harm to assets and operations.


The lack of business resilience related strategies and business continuity planning has been attributed to more than 50% of businesses closing following a major disruption. Conversely, those businesses that are prepared for risks and threats are usually rewarded by increased loyalty, brand awareness and bottom line benefits.

Our Business Resilience services take a direct lead from Commonwealth and State Critical Infrastructure strategies and plans. Examine our key risk and resilience service areas used to assist organisations achieve a genuinely integrated business resilience capability…

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Resilience Status Checks

Resilience Status Checks: Security reviews to assist organisations to understand gaps and exposures in current business continuity planning arrangements.

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Resilience Roadmap

Resilience Roadmap: design of business resilience improvement plan and implementation of risk management arrangements needed to close risk and threat gaps.

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Resilience Workshops

Resilience Workshops empower management to lead the way through security training and increasingly challenging exercises.

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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments evaluating business vulnerability and risk exposure to external threats, critical events and supply chain failure.

Recent Business Resilience Projects

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Risk and Security Management
government high-rise protective-security business-resilience
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Business Continuity Gap Analysis
bcm pandemic private-sector business-resilience
Portfolio Image
BCM & Crisis Management
bcm high-rise private-sector business-resilience
Portfolio Image
Coronavirus Pandemic Guidance
bcm pandemic private-sector business-resilience
Portfolio Image
Media Security & Emergency
critical-infrastructure government protective-security business-resilience scec
Portfolio Image
Federal Election Risk & Governance
critical-infrastructure government high-rise protective-security business-resilience
Portfolio Image
Enterprise Security Management System
bcm private-sector protective-security business-resilience
Portfolio Image
Bank Crisis Management Program
bcm critical-infrastructure high-rise private-sector business-resilience
Portfolio Image
Crowded Place Security & Emergency Planning
critical-infrastructure government protective-security business-resilience
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Air Traffic Security Risk Assessments
critical-infrastructure private-sector protective-security business-resilience

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