Executive Protection Planning

The nature and people involved in executive protection planning varies widely, but in all cases centre on preserving the safety of the executive/subject.

The reasons for seeking executive protection services for senior leadership also varies, and consequently so does our approach. Notwithstanding this, several things remain similar, including our planning methods and our complete discretion in dealing with security threats to executives.

Many executives do not usually wish to see overt security measures implemented, unless there is a very obvious and imminent threat to their safety and/or that of their family or staff. On this basis, we focus on bespoke solutions that identify risks and address threats directly but, to the extent appropriate, minimise imposition on the subject.

Types of Executive Protection

Industry Risk focuses risk-based executive protection planning services around four areas:

  • Industrial disputes.
  • Annual General Meetings.
  • Corporate events.
  • Media issues.

Our Protection Approach

The following stages are adhered to in detail for longer-term assignments, where an executive is part of an ongoing matter. They are also regarded in the early stages of rapidly evolving situations and revisited at the earliest opportunity thereafter.


During this stage we engage with key stakeholders and recommend implementation of any immediately obvious measures for assuring the safety of executives. We can coordinate this in support of clients, or for them, as the circumstances require.


This stage involves further analysis of the background to the threat, and its history, and likely intent and capabilities. In many cases we will have dealt with similar security incidents and threats before and can provide an appraisal of what we believe to be the likelihood of a threat act manifesting, and the related risks.

We also attempt to identify triggers that may influence the lessening, or escalation of, associated risks.

Security Planning

This stage involves identifying short-term and ideal long-term outcomes and planning to achieve them. All environments that the executive habits, including: home; work; travel (including between home and work) and social are considered in identifying (suitable) protective measures.

Implementation and Review

While some security measures will already have been implemented by this stage, to address immediate needs, the Implementation and Review stage formally identifies the security risks and derives the plan for achieving stakeholder endorsement and managing longer-term programs of activity.

If you are currently relying on a manpower company to provide strategic advice and nuanced recommendations, you may consider whether you have the right partner for the job. If you do, it may still be worth seeking a layer of assurance over and above your usual approach to ensure that everything has been considered.

If you require executive protection planning assistance, contact Industry Risk today to see how Australia’s leading light in security and executive protection planning can help to maximise the safety of your senior stakeholders.

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