Defence & Defence Industry


Additional to ADF and Australian Government service, Industry Risk consultants have extensive experience as agency security executives, advisers, and Defence Security Officers appointed under the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP). Our knowledge includes Defence Project Security methodology, contributing as security officers and SCEC advisers.

Consulting projects completed for suppliers to government include sites (e.g. data centres, warehouses) obliged to comply with all protective security and cybersecurity standards, extending to site inspection, secure compartment documentation supporting formal certification and accreditation, and witness testing and commissioning of electronic security systems. This practical approach ensures project milestones and sponsoring government agency requirements are promptly met, reducing time spent on defects rectification.

Industry Risk can also assist with meeting the detailed administrative and related security obligations involved in establishing and operating secure zones to Australian Government standards, such as the DISP membership application process, design of secure storage facilities, network and ICT protection, personnel vetting and awareness, periodic self assessments, and site Security Practices and Procedures documentation. Industry Risk security compliance advice forms a sound basis for effective and profitable DISP operations, reducing the risk of adverse audit findings by government asset owners.

Defence & Defence Industry