Critical Infrastructure

Supporting Critical Industry...

Major incidents can have serious consequences for the supply of essential services and the economic wellbeing of the country, and our services have been tailored to reflect the intent and outcomes of Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategies at Commonwealth and State levels.

Industry Risk has a long and distinguished record of direct management and involvement in assisting critical infrastructure operators to develop resilience capacity and perpare for disruptive hazard and threat events. From managing security and emergency for the national aviation transport carrier QANTAS to leading security and crisis management for the largest Defence Prime Contractor in the region, Thales, we know the challenges…and what solutions are sensible.

The recent involvement of our leadership team in delivering NSW Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy stakeholder engagement workshops gave us a unique insight into the imperatives of Local Government and private sector operators. We understand in detail the problems and what has been recommended to address them, and we can best support those needs.

We deliver security and resilience services and solutions that deliver world class protections for critical infrastructure. In doing so we provide a considerable contribution to Australia’s CI resilience capacity. Reach out to us today to see how we can assist you.

Critical Infrastructure