National Security Threat and Risk Assessments

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Project Description

Industry Risk security consultants were contracted to undertake security threat and risk assessments in relation to each of Airservices Australia’s key Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Management (ATM) facilities. The security team also delivered a better practice report into continuity of integrated operations. The latter element of the project was designed to protect the organisation against disruptions to Australia’s air traffic management systems and proposed models for integration with Defence ATC operators.

The assignment involved identification of security threats to Australia’s critical air traffic systems, people and sites, and the making of recommendations to address associated threats and risks. It was carried out in the context of an increasing tempo of terrorist-related incidents against the aviation sector globally and involved a benchmarking process with EUROCONTROL methods applied throughout the European context.

Industry Risk’s Managing Director commented that “This was a very interesting project from the perspective of the organisation and its sites being critical to the Australian aviation sector, and the process of benchmarking against European and United States practices that our team undertook for the organisation.”

Project Details