Endorsed SCEC Services

Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) Consulting

Industry Risk has the skills and experience to advise Australian Government agencies and officially sponsored suppliers to government on achieving compliance with security zone obligations, including for the most sensitive facilities.

Our SCEC security zone advisory services extend to identifying zone requirements based on site functions and assets, defining and designing the security countermeasures, producing security briefs and specifications, tender assessment, conducting progress inspections, and acting throughout the project in the best interests of the asset owner to provide a compliant cost effective solution.

Industry Risk assists client asset owners to define and deliver all elements of cohesive asset protection and access control as required by ASIO-T4 Technical Notes, the Security Equipment Evaluated Products List, Security Equipment Guides, the Protective Security Policy Framework and Defence Security Principles Framework.

The SCEC expertise and attention to detail of Industry Risk assists in close coordination of physical, electronic and administrative/procedural security measures, to ensure that project targets are delivered on time and to budget.

SCEC Service Areas

We address the following issues during SCEC projects, ensuring full compliance:

  • Site Perimeter: location, landscaping, traffic, fencing, vehicle and pedestrian entries.
  • Building Fabric: base building shell and internal compartment compliance with security zone construction requirements (Zone 1 [Public Access] to Zone 5 [TOP SECRET]).
  • Penetrations: roller shutters, doors, windows, duct, service and utility openings, roof and basement.
  • Mechanical and Electromechanical Locking: SCEC endorsed locking and restricted profile keying, electronic access control hardware.
  • Electronic Access Control: security management platform including access control, intruder detection, CCTV, duress alarms and related sub-systems.
  • Type 1A SCEC Endorsed Security Alarm Systems: design, devices, progress inspections, witness testing and commissioning, alarm system certification.
  • Internal Compartments: controlled access areas such as server rooms, classified information holdings, and valuable tangible, portable and attractive mission critical assets.
  • Acoustic Attenuation: areas used for sensitive and classified discussions, including teleconference facilities.
  • Site Security Documentation: zone certification and accreditation assistance to agency security advisers, monitoring and response arrangements, security Standard Operating Procedures, Operation and Maintenance documentation.

Industry Risk offers clients an integrated SCEC security advisory service, from defining zone requirements to compliant implementation. Our streamlined project management and coordination approach limits defects and non-compliance, so client SCEC security zones are fit for their intended purpose.

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